Radiology Technician

Saturday, 25. October 2014 - 04:22 Uhr

Radiology Technician in Afghanistan

-    Ok, a bit of a gap there but not bad, great stuff, let’s see what’s going on, just relax, we are going to cut this clear cause it will be more comfortable that way.
 Since coming to Afghanistan, we are now a digital unit and we have dragon machines which are digital radiography, we have four of those at the moment, it means we are getting am image within ten seconds of taking it.
-     I think there is a tiny little flake of bone there but it might be old…
 Patients mostly get a chest X-ray and a pelvis X-ray then they come around for CT scan so that’s improved the patient treatment quite considerably, surgeons get a quick answer as to what they need to do in surgery, CT scanners, we also have ultrasound but in addition to that, we have radiologists, one from the UK and one from America, those radiologists help you and they help deal with the diagnosis for the CT scans.


-    We are now doing roughly a thousand patients a mcaronth, I can’t imagine how many CT scans we do but a fair number, probably three or four hundred I would guess.

The workload is being digital, which is why we now need seven radiographers. We see trauma that you are never likely to experience back home, I certainly hadn’t seen anything until I went to Iraq and then I thought I’d seen everything that I was likely to bear witness to but since I have come here, the trauma I have had to X-ray images of has been horrific and you think you are having a bad day because you are tired or your laundry is not dried and ironed then you see a lad come in and he may have had an amputated limb or two or even triple amputation that we see and it puts everything else into perspective.
-    You know how lucky you are and the job that you are doing is extremely important. It is important to see that us having a giggle and some downtime is necessary for us to get through the day.
We do have a macabre sense of humour but that’s what medical people have and that’s how we manage to compartmentalize it I think and deal with the next one that comes through, if you are squeamish then TA is not for you but if you enjoy having the fast pace, the adrenaline rush and feeling as though you can do a worthwhile job then it’s definitely something to take away with you and it will change you as a person most definitely, it may improve you, it may make you decide you never want to do it again but it’s definitely a life changing experience coming out.


Tuesday, 16. September 2014 - 06:41 Uhr

Career Suggestions

- Job shadowing, everybody should job shadow before you decide to take a career in healthcare.
- For people when they first go in because it can be such an intimidating scene when they do volunteer or they job shadow in our profession but it’s those walls that you can break down as a person that makes you grow inside and you become able to deal with a lot more situations In life.
- There’s nothing like seeing things hands on, seeing it for yourself, making that decision, this way you have all the information in front of you, yes that’s what I expected or no I don’t think I can do that or it gives you the best opportunity to see exactly what to do.